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Shop Technicians - Some ability to read shop drawings and perform measurement and layout for sawing, drilling, shearing, punching, and milling. Light assembly, sandblasting, and painting. Fixture parts for welding - you'll need to learn how to make tack welds, real welding experience is a plus.

Designers - 3D modelling and preparing shop drawings, building and testing prototypes in the shop and in the field. Experience doing real farm work is a plus but not required. It is helpful to have familiarity with general metal fabrication work like machining, welding, and sheet metal, and an understanding of the CNC workflow.

Familiarity with prototyping techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting, casting and vacuum forming is a plus, as well as the ability to handle basic circuit design and write simple physical computing programs.

Engineering background/training or experience in the 'maker' world required. 

Interns - We're happy to take on interns as long as we aren't starting them at zero. Are you handy with tools? Have you taken some courses in mechanical design, CAD modeling, welding, or machining? Can you write code, or design circuits?