The LabelMaker app is free to use. Give it a shot and see if it works for you!  


^Templates/Test Files/READ ME^

^Templates/Test Files/READ ME^

The Label Maker Desktop App will help you export printable labels from accounting software like Quickbooks or even a simple order sheet made in Excel.  If you're handwriting lots of delivery labels on your farm this app is for you.  Radically streamline the process, save time, save money, and reduce the number of steps from order taking to professional shipping labels.  The App is compatible with thermal printers like the Zebra & Dymo printers (some of the entry level models start at $99).  Thermal printers require no ink, they're just plug and go!  

  There are in-depth tutorials on YouTube... I highly encourage watching the set up tutorials before you dive in! There are a couple of steps to getting set up! These tutorials cover Quickbooks for Mac but the same general concepts apply to the Windows version.

Quick overview of the app

To watch set up videos for Quickbooks Mac click here ("LabelMaker Quickbooks Set Up (Mac Desktop)" YouTube playlist) 

To watch set up videos for Excel click here ("LabelMaker Orders In Excel" YouTube playlist)

Don't forget to watch these videos in 1080p HD!