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The Seed Mate iPhone app helps you keep track of the hundreds of seeder specs that keep piling up on you. You can schedule reminders to come back later and flame weed, or to check on how the germination came up at your current seeder settings.

I used to try to record this type of information in a little waterproof notebook I carried around with me everywhere, but I gave up on it one spring when I opened up our tool shed and discovered that it had been incorporated into a mouse nest over the winter! Besides, that notebook was one more thing to keep track of (not to mention the pen). I always have my phone with me, it's always handy, and I never misplace it.


Simply add crops to the list as you need to.  The app will alphabetize everything for you, and warn you if you're trying to enter the same crop twice.  The search feature makes it fast to locate a crop.


Note down seed hole size, seed plate number, seed roller name and size, and gearing ratios.  You can also add a quick note like, "Rover radish is the best red."  Schedule yourself a reminder to come back to the seeding for flaming, or just to see how things came out. If you like giving yourself a reminder to check on flaming beets 4 days after every seeding, the app will save this setting for you.  When a planting comes up a little too sparsely, it's easy to change the specs on the spot so that you'll remember next time you seed it.  This is especially useful for crops you might seed only once a year, like watermelon radish for storage!


It's nice to get a quick and simple reminder to check on a planting you may have done over a week ago, especially in the thick of things when the growing season is at its peak.